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Swiss Innovation Ecosystem meets MIND.

The event “Swiss Innovation Ecosystem meets MIND – Milano Innovation District. Finance, Science, Technology, Sustainability and Policy: the drivers of innovation ecosystems and our future cities” aims to present to the public the importance of innovation ecosystems as one of the main forces shaping the future of cities and driving their development towards a broad and shared prosperity and environmental and social sustainability.

The event opens with the presentation of the key results of the study carried out by the company PlusValue that compares the Swiss innovation ecosystem and MIND – Milan Innovation District. This is followed by a round table with several speakers on the main drivers that facilitate the formation and growth of innovation ecosystems: finance, science and technology, innovation and sustainability.

The event offers the opportunity to listen to authoritative voices on the topics of innovation and sustainability and to learn about Swiss and Italian innovation case studies, exploring possible future developments common to the two ecosystems.

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The event will be conducted in Italian.