Real Madrid – Yours mine

The flashing neon work Yours mine by Real Madrid at the entrance of the Casa degli Artisti is reminiscent of a luminous advertisement promoting cocktails, a casino, or perhaps pizza. A clear, unmistakable symbol. Yet somehow the message here is different and the symbolism remains enigmatic. In the context of presence-marking flags, the neon work opens a speculative space and questions ownership. Mine or yours? And anyway, haven’t we long since arrived at a present in which images and logos convey ambivalent meanings and rarely have a clear story behind them? And while we look up and puzzle, the cat peeks out of the trash can and nimbly grabs the remains of the fish. Mine!

Since its founding in 2015, the collective Real Madrid has taken part in several exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, including Bloodsuckers at Swiss Institute New York (2022), Postoristoro, Centre Culturel Suisse Paris (2021); Quadriennale d’Arte, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma (2020); I think I gave you, Salle Crosnier, Geneva (2020); United by AIDS, Migros Museum, Zürich (2019); Bacco Malato, Plymouth Rock (2019); Tender Rip, Auto Italia South East, London (2019) and Further Thoughts on Earthy Materials, GAK, Bremen (2018). RM is represented by Martina Simeti gallery in Milan, was a resident fellow at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome in 2019/20 and recipient of the Swiss Art Awards 2018.