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Playing together – International Game Development Panel

This international meeting of game developers, publishers and civil servants puts the focus on sharing experiences and presenting best practices about the development and publishing of games in Europe.

Game development is an industry with great potential. On a global scale the revenues have already outpaced the film industry. What does it take to get there in Italy and Switzerland?

The event is organised by the Swiss Game Developers Association. Its goal is to foster economic, environmental and social sustainability of game development, to represent its members and to promote young talents.

Welcome of the guests

Presentation of the use case: “Monorail – from the first idea to a published game”

Monorail Stories is an atypical narrative experience, with a minimalist and retro-inspired cut, set aboard a monorail and focused more on choices and interactions than on extravagant puzzles and introducing innovative mechanics for the genre.

Panel: Based on the presented use case, discussion by the Italian and Swiss panelists of best practices in the development and publishing of games. What needs to be changed, in order to improve the situation?

Q & A with the spectators

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