ETH Zürich – Material shapes the ages

How to design a new Material Age: today’s materials transform whole industries and the way we live. The “Material Shapes the Ages” interactive exhibit shows how cutting-edge research and design go hand in hand. See, touch, and interact with the most innovative smart materials developed at ETH Zurich, the Swiss university for science and technology. Discover their fascinating properties: metals that float on water, self-healing silicone, 3D printed salt plates, flexible wood, or a gel that generates energy with water and sunlight.  

Scratch-proof screens, lightweight bicycles, energy-efficient houses, artificial skin, or breathable contact lenses – most of today’s products rely on materials with unique properties. Which material will define the next Material Age? Materials scientists who designed groundbreaking new materials are on site to take you on a journey through the Material Ages, exploring how materials will shape our future.  

Materials have such a profound impact on humanity that we name entire historical ages after them. After the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age or the Silicon or Plastic Age, the 21st century presents major technological challenges that we will be able to overcome only by developing sustainable materials. It’s time for an upgrade. Learn what that could look like at the “Material Shapes the Ages” exhibition @Milano Design Week!

For more information visit: ETH Meets You at the Milano Design Week 2022 | ETH Zurich

PHOTO: Copyright ETH Zurich/Andreas Eggenberger