HSLU – No Thing New

«Degrowth» is a designed reduction of total energy and material use to realign society with planetary limits, while improving people’s lives and distributing resources fairly.

Offering time and space «No thing new» invites its visitors to reflect what the term «Degrowth» means for the discipline of design and why it is worthwhile for future designers to take an in-depth look at it.

«No thing new» – this provocative slogan is aimed on the one hand at the way we deal with things in the context of a fair, but also shows that the concept of sustainability and the call for a mindful approach to our resources is nothing new.

The installation is a collaboration of the three study areas Object Design, Spatial Design and Textile Design of HSLU Lucerne School of Art & Design, reconsidering what role – and responsibility – the HSLU assumes as a design school in this debate. Therefor in the new curricula from 22/23 onwards, all content of the bachelor programs is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).