Snack the System – Interactive Exhibition

The time is ready for a transformation of food systems. “Snack the System” powered by Bites of Transfoodmation is an exhibition showing that the future of food systems is not only possible, but already here. Explore the realities of drones in agriculture, meat alternatives, edible insects, vertical farms and more. Discuss with us how cities can re-draw patterns of food production and consumption according to the principle of proximity. Find out why it is crucial to have young people leading the transformation of food systems. Dive into a vision of a future society through the lens of food. And of course, try some amazing food that is sustainable, resilient, equal – and tasty!



Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley


Smart Geosurvey


Smart Valley Bio


Erbe Ticino

Andar per fiori


. Food Market in refugee camps

. Marti’s Bees

. La rivoluzione delle Castagne