de Sede – timeless design and craftsmanship

In the conversation with people, new ideas, contacts and collaborations arise, which reflect modernity and tradition in the most diverse ways. While young designers develop their creative thoughts, with their elaborated know how traditional brands are in a reciprocal relationship. These conversations are intended to promote neighborly togetherness, develop small entertaining conversations, and tease out future design language and collaborations – in keeping with the concept of creating a neighborhood lounge. de Sede is represented for this reason with its design classics DS-600, DS-602, DS-707 and DS-2878 as they skillfully provide a bridge between existing traditions of Swiss craftsmanship and timeless design. 

The exhibited de Sede sculptures still represent traditional craftsmanship and the inviting message of being able to relax on a comfortable seat. Since the founding of de Sede, great value has been placed on timeless design and unique form language. Thus, the sculptures made of leather and fabric are intended to provide inspiration and bring a smile to the face of the sitter with a mixture of timeless modernity and comfortable tradition.

The exhibition is on from 7th – 12th June from 10am to 8pm